Charlie Hull

Managing Consultant

Charlie Hull keeps a strategic view on developments in the search industry and is in demand as a speaker at conferences across the world. Charlie writes regularly on search issues and runs the London Lucene/Solr Meetup. Charlie co-founded Flax in 2001, the UKā€™s leading open source search company and now part of OpenSource Connections.

He holds a BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester and has been an electronic engineer developing high-spec test equipment for the professional sound industry, a software engineer working on both embedded and PC applications, a team leader, project manager and application developer and an independent software consultant. While at Webtop he helped lead a team that developed a half-billion-page internet search engine and he was Managing Director at Flax, working with clients across the world to build high performance, accurate and relevant search applications.

Charlie co-authored Searching the Enterprise with Professor Udo Kruschwitz of the University of Essex, part of the Foundations and TrendsĀ® in Information Retrieval series published by Now Publications. The book was reviewed by Martin White of Intranet Focus who said ā€œThere are of course many books on information retrievalā€¦ but Searching the Enterprise is in a class of its ownā€. Charlie is also a member of the Search Network, an independent group of search professionals who release regular free reports on search issues.

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