A nice surprise courtesy of Continuum: Easy updating of repository information

I discovered an unexpected feature that Continuum has. At one client site we are building around 30 different projects from CVS. Over the weekend the DNS name of the CVS server was changed as part of a corporate renaming process. I expected to have to go and update each projects collection of CVSRoot files for the new repository, as well as update the CVS checkout information in Continuum.

I started by updating one project in Continuum, and then when I went onto the filesystem I couldnt find the previously checked out project! My first thought was “Oh nooooo, everything has blown up”. It turned out that Continuum was smart enough to pick up the changed SCM information, and to remove the currently checked out code and replace it with the new code!

This is one of those features that I wouldnt have expected Continuum, especially at the 1.0.3 versions level of maturity, to support, and saved us a couple hours of linux work.