Google Calendar API accepts bad data!

If youve been reading my posts lately, youve noticed lots of posts about parsing working with Time and Dates in Ruby. This has been because my hobby project has been to write a Ruby tool for synchronizing my Apple iCal calendar to my Google Calendar.

This project is published on RubyForge as Novo, and is finally nearing a 0.1 release.

As Ive been working on flushing out a lot of the bugs, Ive learned quite a bit about the GData API. And one of the things Ive noticed is that you can create bad data in their system via the REST API pretty easily. My code had a bug where it wasnt converting Times properly when inserting events into gCal, so I managed to put the same event in twice, once without start and end times, and once with! Unfortunately I cant delete the bad entry through the Google Calendar interface. It shows up in searches, but not in the listing:

GCal Bad Data

Because of a couple of bad calendar entries that I created during development, Ive add an ignore option so that the bad entries can be permanently ignored.

As I get closer to the Novo 0.1 release Ill post more about the tool