Rails plugin ‘fixture_references’ has out of date docs

So I shot about 2 hours today trying to figure out why the use of the fixture_references plugin was causing my fixtures to not load, based on a “Can not convert String to Integer” error. I mucked around with my .yml files, thinking it was in my formatting. Finally giving up, I took a quick peek at the changelog, and discovered the API had changed, but the documentation hadnt!

In my fixture I was doing what the docs said:

vehicle_make_id: < %= vehicle_makes(:acura)[‘id’] %>

But the API had changed so it should be:

vehicle_make_id: < %= vehicle_makes(:acura, ‘id’) %>

This is why I hate when people use blogs as documentation sites versus wikis.. Blogs are temporal in nature, and dont lend themselves to updates. Hopefully this will spur the developers to update the docs, after all, the plugin is a really nice plugin!

This was a problem with AjaxScaffold as well, but the creator didnt make the same mistake with ActiveScaffold, the successor project.