Hi, My name is Michael and Im a programmer/designer

Sorry for the AA style header for the introduction blog post. I tend to abuse witty repertoire to set off a style of writing to call my own and yet still find a way to stay informative. My name is Michael, Im a sagittarius, Im originally from an area south of Richmond, and Im what you refer to as the “new guy” at Opensource Connections. I specialize in C# on the .net platform, working both on the web and windows side of things. Im also a communications major with a media specialization, which means my skills range from desktop publishing, to web design, audio/visual media, radio, public relations, and marketing. I know it might seem like a bit of a paradox for someone like me, who develops using Microsoft Technologies, to work for an company that specializes in open source software.

However Im a big proponent of open source software and agile style programming, so much so, that Im spending time developing an open source application framework for .Net for my BHAG (big hairy audacious goal(s)) this year. In fact, there is an alpha version of the site and blog for the opensource framework at, where you can find more information about the BHAG on an ongoing basis as well as code samples. If you have an open sourced project, or even just want a place to write about software, feel free to contact me if youre interested on doing something on the code accessory domain. The framework itself does have a name, but Im waiting for the first alpha version to be released before I reveal the name.

In the mean time expect to see postings from me, about semantic xhtml markup, css, c#, javascript, .net, design principles, code patterns, ruby, php, the current state of my BHAG project and all sorts of User Interface goodness. Lets not forget to throw in the sarcasm drenched humor and random comments like “fuzzy pants” (it keeps you reading to see what I type next, doesnt it?). Coming soon: table-less layouts, using code_highligher.js, and ways to free your mind when it comes using CSS to separate presentation from markup/content.