Windows Tabbed Command Line Client (WPF)

Scott StultsDecember 16, 2007

I spend much of my time in the land of windows, and for that I often hear the egotistical rantings of mac users, with such phrases as “if you were using a mac, you wouldn’t have that problem”. However, even though you could use parallels or even vmware’s fushion for the mac, i still shy away from getting one and trying to do c# development on it, since I don’t know too many clients ready for mono.

However there is an array of tools for pc that are in line with the mac, e-texteditor which is the windows clone of textmate, launchy similar to quicksilver, and I’m currently working on a tabbed wpf command line client similar to ITerm (at least in the regards of using tabs).

The client works, but it still has a way to go like adding simple things like tab complete, arrow up or down for commands, etc, but i think the way to go is wpf, i can even add buttons and random things like that inside the output or color code it later, not to mention skinning or the ability to create macro commands from exiting commands. Current you can press control + T for a new tab, or control + W to close it.

Also it would be nice to add opening up sql command lines or cygwin or even windows powershell in new tabs. I also want to add skinning and opacity options as well.

The project is currently using part of framework, Amplify.Net, I’m building for my BHAG and as soon as sourcefource and codeplex. approve me, I’ll have the source code up for consumption.

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