OSC Team Members speaking at University of Virginias LSP Conference

On April 15th, Jim Nist, Arin Sime, Caleb Doise, and Eric Pugh will be leading sessions on software development at the Spring 2008 conference for the UVA Local Support Professionals Conference. The LSP program is designed to support the people who directly help local departments at UVA. In the past it has been focused more on help desk and systems issues, but as the web has become pervasive, the conference was looking for speakers who do software development. Enter OpenSource Connections crack team!

Jim will be speaking on “Design Patterns – What are they and why should I care about them?”, Arin Sime will tackle “Data Normalization/ Database Design”, Caleb Doise, C# Guru, will lead “C# Rich Client Applications”, and Eric Pugh will team with Doug Chestnut for a session on “Version Control with Subversion”.

Were looking forward to participating in this conference, and getting to meet some new folks.