beCamp 2008 is May 2nd & 3rd

Eric PughApril 16, 2008

beCamp 2008 is almost here! May 2nd and 3rd is just two weeks away!

If you’re a geek in or around the Charlottesville metroplex or even if you’re merely tech-curious, this is the event you don’t want to miss. beCamp is Charlottesville’s version of the BarCamp unconference phenomenon—organized on the fly by attendees, for attendees. Realizing that the most energizing parts of any tech conference are the ad hoc conversations that take place in the hallways between the sessions, beCamp facilitates these types of interactions for an entire event.

As of this writing, we are at 66 campers! To participate, just add your name to the wiki page!

A big thank you to all our sponsors, including Booz Allen Hamilton, University of Virginia ITC, Mustache Inc, The Rimm-Kaufman Group, SNL, and the UVA Library. And a special thank you to CBIC for providing us a great venue!

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