A Rude Awakening

Scott StultsJuly 18, 2008

After my wife left this morning I started hearing this high-pitched beeping from upstairs (I often fall asleep on the basement couch.) I had no idea what it was, but since I was asleep I hoped it would stop. It did briefly, but I got up anyway and set my sights on the bed upstairs as a staging area until I woke up completely.

When I got upstairs the living room was filled with white smoke. That’ll wake ya up! I tore open my eyes and rolled them around until they were well lubed as I opened the back doors and called my dogs. They probably knew something was up because they didn’t take long. My neighbor Bo was in the back lane and told me that smoke was coming out of our house. I shouted something equally helpful like, “Yeah I know!” and went back in to see where it was coming from.

Nothing looked like it was on fire in the dining room so I went to the kitchen. Aha! There on the stove were two packages of smoldering bagels. My guess is that my sixteen-month-old son Gavin was able to turn one of the burner knobs and my wife didn’t notice (our morning exodus is barely contained chaos.) I filled the sink and dumped the bagels in there. There was one survivor bagel.

Lastly I opened up the doors and windows upstairs and turned on all of the fans (including the whole-house fan.) I saw Bo again out front and relayed that the situation was under control.

Tonight we’re installing knob guards on the stove.

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