[email protected] Guild 9/15/08

Ill be presenting HighTechCville to the Neon Guild next Monday, September 15.

Ive been looking forward to this for months because most of the people information in HighTechCville comes from the Neon Guild public membership database. My initial success in finding Communities of Interest came about by looking at the over 200 people in the Neon Guild and finding 8 folks who were all technical writer folks! I would never have guess that there are enough people in the Neon Guild who do technical writing to do a group dinner together!

See youall there!

Here are directions from Debra Weiss:

Location:Inova Solutions110 Avon StreetCharlottesville, VA 22902

Directions from downtown Cville:Take Market Street E to Ninth/Avon St, turn right.Go over the bridge, get in the left lane.Look for Spudnuts on the left.Turn Left at Spudnuts, and then another immediate left.Follow around, youll see a large brick building. Thats Inova.Go around to the front of the building and park.Take the elevator to the second floor. Were in the café.