Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!! Again!!!!!

Eric PughOctober 17, 2008

RailsRumble is back, and this year we’ve got a great team, made up of some returners, and new folks. We’re feeling really optimistic that one of us will be walking around with a new belt.

Returning from last years competition, are Eric Pugh and Ashish Tonse. Joining us are first timers Arin Sime and Youssef Chaker. Michael Herndon, who was on last years team is hanging out for the weekend as well, but working on other stuff. But he is here in spirit!

Our entry this year really ties into our evolving “Business Tags“. It’s a location aware application that integrates disparate datasources, and in the true Web 2.0 fashion mashes up multiple data streams.

Oh, and we’re using our OpenApproach, but instead of 3 week sprints we are doing 3 hours sprints. The first one, themed “Git Started” runs from 9:45 PM till 12:45 AM!

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