Speaking on CI at beTech March 19th

Ill be speaking on CI for the beTech group March 19th:

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM March 19, 2009Location: Clemons Library room 407

Please come hear Eric Pugh of Open Source Connections(/) discuss Continuous Integration (CI).The goal of CI is to have “a fully automated and reproducible build [of yourproject], including testing, that runs many times a day.” (I stole that fromErics online slides.)

Eric is an active participant in the open source world, and is a contributorto CruiseControl, a widely used open source CI solution. Eric has presentedfor beTech several times in the past, and his talks are always excellent andinformative. He has also been quite active in organizing beCamp in the past,so we might also use this meeting for some brief preliminary planning aboutthis years beCamp event.