Things I learned Last Week Part 2

Favicon and Rails?

Want to use a favicon.ico but dont want to put it at the root as favicon.ico? Then add ISO 8859-1 Characters

And look at the character  (should be a capital A with a caret on top called a grave accent). That will kill Solr, regardless of container deployed in, like Jetty versus Tomcat. But the other ways of representing this entity work great:


Of course, there is a bit of confusion on this, as supposedly if the XML document posted to Solr is UTF-8 encoded, then Solr shouldnt have any issues. So, still some digging to do!

Solritas and JBoss and Velocity Oh My

I recently ran into a Java Classloader issue between JBoss and Solr when loading Velocity. If you are getting in the browser:

TTP Status 500 – loader constraint violation: when resolving method “org.apache.velocity.Template.merge

or messages like “SEVERE: java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation: when resolving method “org.apache.velocity.Template.merge” in the logs, then that means a conflict in the velocity jars. Oddly enough, I could not actually find a velocity.jar anywhere in my JBoss app. However, the fix was to copy the velocity jar from Solr into my JBoss ./lib/ directory.