Packt celebrates 1000th book release (get a free ebook!)

Eric Pugh ā€” September 28, 2012

Our publisher for Solr Enterprise Search Server, Packt Publishing, has just announced that they have published their 1000 book. Packt has been great at fostering new writers like David Smiley and myself, and their direct financial support of open source communities has been great. Weve funneled thousands of dollars to the Apache Software Foundation just on the Solr book royalties.

To mark the occasion, they are opening their library to the public!

Packt is certain that in its 1000 titles there is at least one book that everyone in IT will find useful right away, and are inviting anyone to choose and download any one of its eBooks for free over its celebration weekend of 28-30th Sep 2012. Packt is also opening its online library for a week for free to give customers an easy to way to research their choice of free eBook.

To access the library follow the link

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