Cville Hacks for Change

Matt OverstreetJune 3, 2013

Thanks to everyone for an excellent first Charlottesville Civic Hacking Day! I’m thrilled that everyone was willing to contribute their Saturdays to a great cause.

Here’s your todo list to really make Saturday count:

  1. Today: Send me screen shots of your hacking work! I’ll use them to encourage even more great people to participate in the future.

  2. Tomorrow: Submit your project! 15 teams who participated Saturday across the US will be invited to the White House in July to show off their work. It doesn’t need to be finished to be submitted, and early submissions might get more attention. Charlottesville has a lot to be proud of, so make sure to show it off!

  3. Ongoing: Keep hacking, and keep us posted. From Fire App to Merriweather Lewis/Trademark Navigator to State Decoded, I’m proud of every app we worked on. Let’s figure out how to make them all real!

On that last note, would you like a free hand to tackle some part of you project that’s out of your wheelhouse? How about web hosting for a year? Keep an eye on your email for some amazing gifts from eLance, Amazon and others as a no-strings Thank You for participating.

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