A deep dive single track conference on Lucene and Solr

Lucene/Solr Exchange is a one-day seminar dedicated to Lucene/Solr, the leading open source search technology. This free, one-day event is ideal for developers and technical leaders who are looking for an introduction to Apache Lucene/Solr.

Lucene/Solr Exchange will feature customer use case presentations and technical sessions led by subject matter experts and Lucene/Solr engineers. Join us to discover new features of Lucene/Solr or dive deeper into services you already use, learn about popular use cases or understand best practices. Each of the sessions will provide valuable solutions that can be instantly applied. Seating is limited so reserve your free ticket today.

Doug will be giving a talk on Hacking Lucene for Custom Search Results

Eric will be talking about building the Global Patent Search Network on Solr.

More information at http://www.lucidworks.com/solr-exchange-dc-2014/, we’ll see you there!