Sponsoring DrupalCon NA 2014!

See everyone in Austin!

See everyone in Austin!

More-and-more were noticing the impact of Drupal in our clients businesses. Theyre able to deliver quality content and apps fast with Drupal. Thats why were excited to be sponsoring DrupalCon North America in Austin next week! We hope you’ll find our booth!

This year we’ll be discussing one of the most undervalued elements of any Drupal installation: site search. Its easy to get going, but can be challenging to master. Undervalue site search, and users will silently leave in droves. Hone and tune it, and youll delight users with relevant results. (This of course where we come in!).

There’s plenty to think about when implementing a solid site search for Drupal. Just like regular software, you need to think about what are my requirements? What use cases do I need to capture? Is popularity/hotness/recency important? What about fuzzy matching and domain-specific synonyms?

These are all tricky issues, and just like software development it’s important to capture your use cases in one place – preferably in a place where you can test and iterate over what’s important. That’s why we’ve introduced Quepid. A test-driven search relevancy product that’s been a hit for our Drupal clients both as a tuning product and a means to deliver search services.

Anyway, if you’re struggling with search for Drupal, please come find our booth! Come by and see our colleagues with your issues – Matt Overstreet, Drupal site search relevancy ninja, Daniel Beach, frontend search designer/developer extrordinare, and John Woodell, the most interesting search businessman of the world. We look forward to chatting with you!