Doug will be talking about Database History from Codd to Brewer and Beyond

There are innumerable technical lessons to learn from database history. Its easy to go with what’s new and trendy. Its harder to appreciate technical reasons why one approach suddenly became more favored than another. History highlights the limitations and power behind database solutions. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it: – What were the first databases like (Codasyl, etc)? Why did they start out this way? – Why was RDMS the right technical response to the non RDMS databases back in the day? – Why was the move away from RDMS to NoSQL the right technical solution for many problems today? A great introductory to the basic technical scaffolding and historic context for NoSQL, from this talk, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the transition from vertically scaling Big Metal to horizontally scaling Big Data.

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