Introducing Quepid v0.2.0 (Organizations, Custom Scorers, and More!)

Becky BillingsleyJuly 15, 2015
Quepid Dashboard

A more robust dashboard view, that scales to hundreds of queries per case tested.

The release of Quepid v0.2.0 (July 3, 2015) added several new features as well as enhanced some existing features. The Release Notes below provide a quick look to whet your appetite. Individual posts detailing the how Organizations and Custom Scorers work are coming soon!

Quepid v0.2.0, Release Notes: New Functionality and Enhancements

NEW! Organizations

Users may now define an Organization or Organizations for use within Quepid and associate other users as members of those Organizations. A user may then share Cases with the Organization, which are then available to all members of that Organization. A user may also share custom scorers to be used by all members of that Organization.

NEW! Custom Scorers

Quepid now allows for the creation of Custom Scorers, in addition to the standard Quepid Default Scorer (1-10 scale). Therefore Users can now establish the scoring algorithm that works best for them. Scorers can be assigned at the Case level (for all queries within that case) or at the Query Level. Custom scorers can also be shared with other users for all members in an Organization.

NEW! All Cases Dashboard

Quepid now has a Case Dashboard, which displays all Cases for a user (both owned and shared through an Organization). A summary score for all queries within a Case has now been added to the Case Dashboard.

Scoring Enhancements

  • Quepid now allows a user to score all of the results within a query to the same rating.

  • A user can set a Default Scorer for use with all cases (for users who always want the same scorer).

Single Case Dashboard Enhancements

  • Total number of results is now available at the top of each query.

  • Query results have a rank number added on the UI.

  • Quepid has been modified to allow easy navigation through a larger number of queries within each case. To allow this we have added pagination through cases.

  • A Quepid user can now move a query with rankings from one case to another.

  • Within a Case you can sort on Name, Score and Errors both Ascending and Descending, in addition to the Manual Sort.

  • The Errors sort now places queries with missing judgements at the top of the errors list.

  • Quepid now allows you to add multiple queries at once to an existing case. A user can copy a list from a spreadsheet column and paste it in, to easily add multiple at one time.

  • Collapse Multiple Queries within a Case at once with the Collapse All Queries link.

###Other Enhancements

  • Queries with missing judgements are highlighted by a more visible “!”.

  • Both the Case Dropdown and User Dropdown now close once a user makes a selection from either menu.

  • In the Developer Settings, Quepid will prepend http to the request handler URL if not specified.

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