Quepid Gets Organized

Becky BillingsleyAugust 25, 2015

Quepid has added Organizations to make it easier to collaboratively solve search relevancy problems with your team!

Let’s say you are working on a particularly troublesome set of queries and you need to collaborate with other search relevancy or subject matter experts at your company. Ideally you’d want them to be able to review the same queries and results that you are reviewing. The problem is you don’t currently have a tool that allows you to easily share your queries and results with multiple members of your group. This is where Organizations in Quepid can help.

##Add an Organization The first step for using Organizations is to define your Organization (or even multiple Organizations!) within Quepid. To get started, click Manage Organizations in the dropdown menu.

Once on the Manage Organizations screen, click the green New + button to define your organization’s name, then click Create to create your Organization.

Give your Organization a name and click Create!

Give your Organization a name and click Create!

Once you define your Organization, you can share access to specific Users within your organization, letting them share Cases. Remember, Cases are what group your troublesome Queries, as well as the Scorers you are using. To add a user, search for them via their email address.

Type the email of the User you want to add!

Type the email of the User you want to add

##Share a Case with an Organization: Once a User has been added to an Organization, that user can share Cases within that Organization. Once a case is shared, any member of that Organization has access to view and rate it. Any member of the Organization can review and score results and queries within a case, just like the owner of that Case. To share a Case with an Organization, click on the share icon for the case and pick the Organization you would like to share it with.

Select the Organization to begin sharing your Case!

Select the Organization to begin sharing your Case

##Share a Custom Scorer with an Organization What if your Organization wants to use a custom scorer? For example, you want to score your results using a different scale than the 1 to 10 that Quepid by default uses. By creating a custom scorer, you can use a different scale, as well as adjust the specific scoring algorithm as well. Examples of custom scales include a 1-4 scale, using a Fibonnaci sequence. Use your imagination in coming up with custom scoring models! (Watch our blog for more on Custom Scorers coming soon!)

Once you have created a custom scorer, you can then share it with other people in your Organization. When you do this, everybody will have access to the new Custom Scorer you have created. From the Scorer section of the Advanced Options page, click share on the Scorer you would like to share and pick the Organization you would like to share it with.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how organizing and sharing cases across your organization works! Drop me a line at [email protected] to tell us how this works for you.

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