Transitioning Endeca, FAST, or Another Legacy Search Solution? Quepid’s Got Your Back

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Your face after getting the bill for Endeca!

Don’t you hate how much you spend on proprietary search technology? It feels like you are paying a ton for search solution that isn’t always providing you with the results you want. But you may be afraid to move away from that legacy search solution, for fear that it will have a negative impact on your sales bottom line.

Open Source search solutions, like Solr and Elasticsearch (ES), offer major benefits over proprietary searches:

  • Open Source search is often must more customizable than proprietary solutions. You can customize your search using query facilities. Plugins also offer robust enhancements for made-to-order search.

  • Open Source search is also constantly evolving to meet the needs of the community. Even though contributors are addressing their own specific needs, those solutions are also available to you to address your problems. Other people have maybe already be working to solve the same problem you are currently addressing.

OSC’s Got Your Back

OSC can help you transition from legacy search to a Solr or Elasticsearch solution while helping you avoid the negative impacts and even improve your search in the process.

Quepid, OSC’s test relevancy platform, can help you make this transition away from legacy search, without making you feel like you are throwing caution to the wind.

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With Quepid you can:

  • Write an adapter between any legacy search engine to view live search results to ensure that Solr/Elasticsearch give comparable or better results.

  • Import snapshots from other search engines to work against a starting point to ensure Solr/ES give comparable or better results.

  • Tune and constantly evaluate search to make sure you are moving forward.

Not only that, but Quepid can help you build a foundation for incremental progress moving forward. Once in place, Quepid lets you keep moving the ball forward on search.

  • Our unique Q-Score TM keeps the ball moving on search, driving increased profits and user satisfaction.

  • If you need more support, OSC offers quarterly tuneups that let us revisit your search solution to tackle a new set of problems once a quarter.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Learn more about Quepid at or drop us an email to talk about our Quarterly Tune-Up (Write to us at for more information!)

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