On Monday, November 2nd, I’ll have the privilege of co-leading with my colleague Duane Degler the workshop Enabling a Sophisticated Search User Experience. Duane is a principal at Design for Context, a leading UX firm that we’ve partnered with on a number of project. He has been a big influence on my own approach to building search applications.

Here is the abstract:

Our speakers have a deep experience in enterprise search, including commercial public search, large-scale intranet search, and intensive knowledge-centered government search applications. Their interactive workshop takes participants on a journey through the evolving landscape of search, with a particular focus on the considerations for designing and evaluating the user experience. The journey starts with understanding the types of mental models that users form around their information-seeking experience. It then takes participants through hands-on activities using a number of different search sites and tools that illustrate the varieties of experiences users have today. User experiences are “deconstructed” with the different sites in order to understand how the tools work and what aspects affect user experience-both positively and negatively. The workshop looks at current trends in search and as well as broadly federated information-seeking, mobile “just in time” and high-context seeking, and proactive search.

You will discuss exploring an array of search sites, behaviors of different search technologies, relevance ranking and modeling, design options and opportunities for search interfaces, and more. Designing for experienced knowledge workers and the intelligent questions they ask must be at the forefront of effective search applications to help make sense of multiple search capabilities: data search, semantic search, mobile search, federated search, and embedded search within websites and applications. This workshop enables you to think through the end-to-end needs for enterprise search, interactively explore search examples and discuss their implications, and look at how to make decisions about the capabilities you need.

Update 11/12/15

Duane and I had a really great time with the workshop participants. We received great reviews, as well as some great suggestions for future editions. I wanted to share a great panorama photo of the attendees working in small groups evaluating the World Bank, Smithsonian, and Kayak search interfaces:

KMWorld Attendees working in small groups

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