Eric will be sharing some experiences making Solr part of a larger data ecosystem through using Apache Solr and Apache Zeppelin at the Richmond Data Hackers. Here’s a talk synopsis:

Apache Solr has moved beyond it’s roots as just a full text search engine. Today people are leveraging it for aggregating data, powering dashboards, even building knowledge graphs. As the underlying data manipulation has become more robust, now we need better ways of working with that data then just the browser based query. This talk is going to cover one of the new ways of interaction with Solr, using Spark. We’ll go through how to make Solr be a RDD: Resilient Distributed Dataset, and do some Spark jobs. I’ll mention some of the use cases for Spark, ranging from “comparing data sets” to “calculating average reading level of text”.

Lastly, we’ll look at Apache Zeppelin, which aims to be the “interactive data analytics notebook” of the Big Data world. We’ll use Zeppelin to play with some data in Solr.

Look forward to seeing you there! Be sure to RSVP.