Update Feb 16th, 2016: Here are links to the two slides from the two opening sessions I gave: http://bit.ly/state-of-solr and http://bit.ly/state-of-elasticsearch. I had a really wonderful time learning about how search is leveraged in the sciences, and I think there is a huge opportunity to collaborate more closely and not re-invent the wheel so much. Much like the BioJS community

I’m very excited to be participating in a two day hands on workshop for leveraging open source search engines in the Bioinformatics world, that is being hosted by EMBL-EBI. For those who don’t speak in acronyms, that is the European Bioinformatics Institute, part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. I had to look it up as well!

I’m going to have the privilege of opening up each day’s session with a talk about the focus for the day, either Solr or Elasticsearch. Very much the (Unauthorized) State of the Community type talk.

I’m looking forward to spending a week visiting our colleagues and clients in the UK and Germany, so look me up!