How to build a search practice with Doug Turnbull, Matt Overstreet and Scott Stultz. Doug released a companion to relevant search about how to actually practice good search

  • Shout out to David Smiley.
  • Technical vs organizational problems with search.
  • What’s the value of search in your project?
  • How do you know what good is?
  • Metrics and baselining search.
  • Fail fast! No, really.
  • Dev ops is critical (at least Matt thinks so).
  • Doug recommends Martin Whites book on enterprise search.
  • Tweet if you want an ePuba
  • Used copies are already available on for Relevant Search.
  • The transitive property of relevancy and the meaning of life.

Relevant Search is available now from Manning Publications

“Relevant Search demystifies relevance work. Using Elasticsearch, it teaches you how to return engaging search results to your users, helping you understand and leverage the internals of Lucene-based search engines”