This year we got the largest AirBnB place we could find, a six bedroom place that we’re sharing with our friends at Flax, Charlie and Alan.

We’ll be doing “guerilla marketing” in the hallways and giving demo’s of Quepid, our search optimization platform! Just ask any of us! Plus Doug will be giving the talk Anyone Can Build a Recommendation Engine with Solr

Here is the abstract:

You don’t need a PhD to get started with recommenders! You just need Solr! In this talk, you’ll get several examples of building different recommendation strategies on top of Solr. You’ll see how to deliver recommendations using user behavior, and how to combine that with content-specific signals. We’ll cover:

  • Folks who purchased this products also purchased
  • Personalized recommendations based on past browsing history
  • How Solr makes tuning relevance and scaling straight-forward

We’ll also touch on many of the classic problems with recommenders, including the cold start problem and the Oprah Book Club problem. Come if you’ve got some Solr experience and would like to learn to build a recommender!

Checkout some of our presentations from previous LuceneRevolution’s on SlideShare.

More information at the website, we’ll see you there!