Can Drupal+Solr Yield Google-like results?

OSC has engaged on a number of search projects for Universities and Health Systems where Drupal and Solr were key. We’re excited about two specific areas:

  1. Search Relevance: The art of making search results smarter. OSC has a reference architecture & case study we’re excited to share on how to maximize the power of Drupal and Solr to build Google-like search for university & medical system applications.
  2. Searchstax by MeasuredSearch: One impediment to building google-like search is managing one’s own Solr servers. Ugh! That gives any org heartburn. That’s why we’re excited to deliver our solutions using Searchstax – a hosted Solr platform that gives the full power of Solr to everyone without the burden of managing servers.

Come find our CEO Eric Pugh and connect about Solr+Drupal use cases!