New to Kibana, and related tools? I know I am! In April we’ll be doing a beginners night for folks interested in Kibana and adjacent topics. We’ll have a 25 minute share plus YOUR lightning talks! Bring your Kibana awesomeness!

No one Listens to My Podcast, a Kibana story:

Matt Overstreet highlights the Kibana dashboard he threw together to track downloads of podcast Search Disco. This informal share will walk you through the process Matt went through to gather download statistics and other information into a kibana dashboard that his organization uses to track the podcast’s performance. Matt put this together this while still fairly new to Kibana, so this is a great opportunity to see how you can cut your teeth on Kibana!

Kibana Lightning Talks

Informal 5 min talks. Bring something you’re eager to share with the community roughly aligned with the Kibana theme. Share a cool side project you’re working on. A tool Kibana users would find useful. We’re pretty open to anything around the theme of Kibana/analytics/dashboards/using Elastic stack for analytics/etc.