This year we got a nice HomeAway house, a three bedroom Las Vegas house advertised as Private Outdoor Pool, Gourmet Kitchen & Wifi - Minutes from the Strip, Casinos, Shopping & Golf!

We’ll be doing “guerrilla marketing” in the hallways and giving demo’s of Quepid, our search optimization platform! Just ask any of us! Doug will be giving the talk Taxonomical Semantical Magical Search

Here is the abstract:

Search practitioners often overlook the user’s entire journey to seek and find. Users strike out with broad searches, unsure what they’ll find. They begin with broader concepts (such as ‘laptop bag’). The results give them an overview of what’s possible. They refine with finer grained distinctions. ‘Childs Laptop bag’ or ‘satchel bag.’ They continue to refine to narrower or adjacent concepts until they purchase or give up.

In this talk, I walk through how we build semantic search with Solr based on how users mentally structure your information. They key is taxonomies! I walk through how we generate taxonomies from search logs to build hierarchical synonyms, hypernyms, and hyponyms. I then discuss how manipulate relevance scoring to get the effect user’s expect: high recall and a broad overview on broad queries and high precision on narrower queries. I go on to discuss a practice for refining managed taxonomies based on evolving user behavior, ever evolving to findability nirvana!

While Eric will give his inaugural talk Search Relevance Organizational Maturity Model:

He introduces a maturity model to help think through where your team is on it’s road to smarter search.

Smarter search drives value to your business. Delivering search that matches users to the right content (jobs, products, articles, whatever) is what you care about. But organizations often get stuck getting there – why? Turns out you need quite a number of ingredients to deliver tremendous search: You need the intelligence to understand what users are searching for and whether they’re satisfied. You need the domain expertise, infrastructure, and data science to extract meaningful features from your content, user personas, and user queries. Well and more mundanely you need to install, scale, and operate a search engine!

Checkout some of our presentations from previous LuceneRevolution’s on SlideShare.

More information at the website, we’ll see you there!


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