OSC are sponsoring MICES 2019, the Mix-camp for E-commerce Search, in Berlin this June. Tickets are free!

Smarter search drives value to your business. Delivering search that matches users to the right content (jobs, products, articles…, whatever) is what you care about. But organizations often get stuck getting there. Why? It turns out that you need quite a number of very different ingredients to deliver tremendous search. You need the intelligence to understand what users are searching for and whether they’re satisfied. You need the domain expertise, infrastructure, and data science to extract meaningful features from your content, user personas, and user queries. More mundanely, you need to successfully install, scale, and operate a search engine!

All of this can send your head spinning! In this keynote talk for MICES 2019, Eric Pugh, a long-time Search practitioner discusses his broad experience across many e-commerce organizations delivering smarter product search. He introduces the maturity model used by OpenSource Connections to help think through where your team is located on its road to smarter search from Basic to Advanced. He then dives deep into the two most technical areas of the seven areas in the maturity model: Experiment Driven and Content Driven.

If you have an e-commerce search project and need OSC’s help, don’t hesitate to contact us - or come along and chat to Eric!