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Perhaps your team has done what it can with normal relevance methods? And now wants to move towards using Natural Language Processing to improve understanding of your content and queries?

‘Natural Language Search’ is a 2 day training course to give your team the ability to use open source NLP tools to improve search relevance. This class helps you understand how to work with different NLP tools and libraries to recognize concepts and entities, understand customer query intent, differentiate models for your specific language use cases, avoid common pitfalls, and build a language-aware search platform.


Day One - Search, Language, and Tools

You’ll learn the core concepts of language structure and how NLP tools and models work, and how to use them for named entity recognition

  1. What is search?
  2. Holding search accountable to the business
  3. Search quality feedback
  4. Why language and NLP is important for search
  5. How to Measure Success with NLP
  6. Introduction to NLP tools, and make a mad-libs game from anything!

Day Two - Content Analysis and Query Intent

We go deep into practical exercises of improving the search experience through advanced content and query analysis, and leveling up your search platform.

  1. Enriching content and queries with Named Entity Recognition:
    • Values, Numbers, Dates
    • Locations
    • People
  2. Models, and How to Train them
  3. Classifying Query Intent
  4. Maintaining Contextual State
  5. Semantic Search Sessions

What You’ll Get Out Of It

  • Leverage NLP tools to pre-process text and understand the basics
  • Recognize Dates, Quantities, Locations, and other Entities and use them in Search
  • Measure how accurately a model processes your text
  • Annotate and Train NLP models to fit your language use cases
  • Classify query text for customer intent
  • Work Hands-on with NLP Libraries to build a language-aware search platform

Your Trainers: Experienced Natural Language Processing Experts

Max Irwin and Eric Pugh have both used Natural Language Processing to augment search experiences for OpenSource Connection’s clients. Max formerly lead Wolters Kluwer’s search center of excellence where he applied NLP to many of Wolter Kluwer’s legal and medical search products.

Style of Training: Small Group Workshop

Our trainers are not ‘stock tech trainer’ from central casting mindlessly reading slides. Our trainers expect to problem solve and think about your tough problems in real-time. As OpenSource Connection’s mission is to ‘empower search teams’, we see training as the central component to our mission. Our training is ‘workshop style’ where much of the value is the interactions and knowledge sharing between the small class and the two trainers.

Who This Training is For

We expect some familiarity with using Solr or Elasticsearch. You can craft an Elasticsearch or Solr query. Roles who would enjoy this training:

  • Search Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers that use the search engine
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Relevance engineers
  • Product team wanting exposure to machine learning methods for improving relevance
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