Two talks from OSC this time at our London Meetup: Eric will talk about “Streaming Expressions in Solr Revolutionizes How You Think About Your Data”. For too long our view of a “query” was constrained by the handcuffs of a request and response cycle over HTTP. Solr’s Streaming Expressions completely revamps that by letting us stream process arbitrary amounts of data. This quick primer will open your eyes to a revolutionary capability!

We’re also pleased to say OSC’s Data Science lead, Nate Day, will be talking about “Using statistics to efficiently bootstrap your collection of human judgements”. Human judgements are a great tool for testing the relevance of your search engine. But when you start building your collection of judgments, it is unknown how many queries you need will need to properly evaluate changes to the system. Statistics can help you reason with this uncertainty.

Plus the usual Q&A and networking.

Doors open at 6.30 pm with talks starting at 7 sharp (don’t be late, you’ll miss the pizza!).

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