Case Studies

Inova Solutions

Inova Solutions needed a real time analytics solution that could pump through lots of multi-origin, live streaming data. It also needed to run easily all over the place, from information kiosks to users desktops.

HTML is the obvious choice to “run almost anywhere” and look good doing it. The catch was making sure our web app could handle lots of data going in, and lots of clients polling constantly for data coming out.

Cassandra is excellent for dealing with streaming data from lots of sources. If we can ignore consistency, C* can write faster than it can read!

For the web, two choices met our performance and framework requirements: Java and Go. While we considered using Python/Flask, we realized the nature of the number of web requests required a framework that could handle significantly more request/response cycles then traditionally expected. Go was a great fit for a Python/Flask shop that needed to serve some serious requests per second.