Quepid & OpenNLP at ApacheCon North America 2022

Two talks from OSC will be presented at this open source event in New Orleans:

  • Give your Solr Queries some Love with Quepid
    “You are fighting to make your search engine return the right results for your queries. You are drowning in synonyms, analysis chains, and the Lucene explain syntax. You need to give your queries some love, you need Quepid! Quepid is an ASL 2.0 licensed open source web applications that makes relevancy tuning a test driven process. You can capture “what is good search” from your business users, and then have a safe space to experiment with Solr (and Elasticsearch/OpenSearch). Quepid is the indepensible tool for quickly improving the quality of your search using classic Information Retrieval metrics like NDCG. Come to this class to learn hands on how to use Quepid.”
    Presented by Eric Pugh
  • OpenNLP 2.0 – What’s New and Coming
    “The first release of Apache OpenNLP was over 10 years ago. The NLP landscape has dramatically changed in the past few years with Python taking over as the dominant language for NLP applications. OpenNLP 2.0 introduces support for modern NLP architectures through ONNX models for entity recognition and document classification. We will show how Java applications, such as Apache Solr, can use these new capabilities in OpenNLP 2.0. This talk will highlight OpenNLP’s journey, what’s new in version 2.0, and plans for future versions.”
    Presented by Jeff Zemerick

The full schedule for ApacheCon North America is available here.

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