Elasticsearch and AI powered Cisco Enterprise Search Platform – Sujith Joseph

We built an Enterprise Search platform using GCP services and Elasticsearch and Deep Learning (BERT Language Model based AI) in ~8 months. Search is powered by this new platform for over a year. I will be talking about the Architecture of this platform including Google Dataproc (Apache Spark) based web crawler and connectors, along with enabling Realtime indexing from Adobe Experience Manager and other API based services, Dataflow and Microservices based Document Processing framework, Elasticsearch orchestrated by ECK (Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes), Search microservices and Search UI deployed on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) with Istio as Service Mesh, PubSub for messaging, Logstash (as microservices) based document ingestion, GCS for Crawler and Document Store. Key AI features include BERT attention weights from Query terms influencing Query, NLG for Autosuggestions, SQUAD based Q&A on passages, BERT based keyphrases, NER, Query intent detection, AI summarization etc.

Presented by Sujith Joseph, Sr. Search / Cloud Architect – Cisco Enterprise Search Platform at Cisco Systems

The talk will start at 11am US Eastern Time / 4pm BST and will be followed by a Q&A session.

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