Haystack LIVE! – Effective Relevancy Change Management – Nick Zadrozny, Bonsai

Judgment lists, click models, document features, query features, online evaluation, offline evaluation… Let’s face it, search is deeper than any of us first expected! On top of that, by definition, search is a constantly moving target. How users interact with the results informs our evaluation of the models that produce it, in a continuous feedback loop. And that’s before we start adding items to the catalog! All the mathematical modeling is amazing, but at some point, an engineer is going to be tasked with building these things. Let’s take some time to plan for effective change management, so we can get back to the fun part of feature engineering without getting stuck behind time consuming reindexing.

Presented by Nick Zadrozny, Founder of One More Cloud, and creator of hosted search as a service product . Followed by Q&A.

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