Haystack LIVE! – How we built autosuggest infrastructure for – Tom Gilke & Tobias Kässmann

A different sort of talk this time – deep technology & architecture from the team at OTTO, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies.

“We will take you on a journey of how OTTO’s cross-functional team Squirrel built and reinvented their autosuggest. It will cover a deep dive into technology and architecture (Python, Kotlin, Coroutines, Redis, …), tips and tricks for Scalability and Observability and a glimpse into the future of our architecture. You can expect smart data structures, HighPerformance under high load, a lot of learnings, f*ckups and insights into the work of a continuously improving team. This talk is focused on architecture, not so much search relevance. But we think that you still can get nice insights from it. “

Presented by Tom Gilke & Tobias Kässmann, software engineers at Otto Group and followed by Q&A.

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