Haystack LIVE! Introducing Typesense, an open source alternative to Algolia & ElasticSearch

For the longest time ElasticSearch and Solr were the primary options available to developers to build onsite and in-app search experiences. Along came Algolia in 2012 with a SaaS search engine, supporting instant search-as-you-type experiences. This talk will introduce a new and modern instant-search engine – Typesense. We’ll cover how it differs from other search engines and give you a quick walk-through of how to build an instant-search experience with Typesense and its UI adapters, using a public 2M recipes dataset.

Our speakers Jason Bosco and Kishore Nallan are co-founders of Typesense and have been working on it since 2015. They have a long history in software engineering and entrepreneurial endeavors and between them have worked at companies like Dollar Shave Club, Thoughtworks and Zapier.

Hosted by Charlie Hull of OSC with an associated Q&A session with our speakers.

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