Haystack LIVE! Meetup – Evolving from Keyword to Neural Search with Deepset

Our next Haystack LIVE! Meetup features a talk by Branden Chan of Deepset.

“Search is ubiquitous. It’s expected to be packaged with just about any program that interacts with text. With breakthroughs in Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), search technology has taken a big leap forward, and our framework, Haystack, dares to take the leap with it. The reward is a powerful, customisable and wholly new kind of neural search that goes far beyond keyword matching. The latest models from research institutions have pushed previously aspirational tasks, like question answering and summarisation, firmly into the realm of both the possible and the practical. Write full sentence questions and a Haystack system can sift through millions of documents, highlight answering sentences, and summarise relevant documents. Define your own configuration of components to make the pipeline as light or heavy weight as you need. This is available to all developers, regardless of your NLP experience”.

OSC note – Deepset’s Haystack system is unrelated to our Haystack conference series and indeed this Meetup!

Branden Chan is a Machine Learning engineer at Deepset, reducing the distance between cutting edge Deep Learning technology and the industry need for robust and smart NLP solutions. His role is to build and deploy machine learning models that are specifically suited to Deepset’s clients’ needs. Branden has a Master’s degree in Historical Linguistics from Cambridge University and a MA in Computational Linguistics from Stanford.

The talk will start at 11am US Eastern Time / 3pm GMT and will be followed by a Q&A session.

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