Haystack LIVE! Milvus 2.0, an open-source similarity search engine

Milvus is an open-source vector database that leverages a novel data fabric to build and manage AI and vector similarity search applications. As the world’s most popular vector database, Milvus 1.0 has been a resounding success. With the launch of Milvus 2.0, Zilliz, the company behind Milvus, aims to introduce the most advanced vector database in existence. Milvus is a cloud-native database system built on top of popular libraries like Faiss, Annoy, Hnswlib, and more.

The platform has already been adopted in local production by thousands of companies around the world, including Lucidworks, Shutterstock, and Cloudinary. In this webinar, Zilliz engineers will highlight the changes and features included with Milvus 2.0, a variety of use cases and applications in production—and how they empower small and large users alike.

Hosted by Charlie Hull and Max Irwin. There will be a Q&A session following the talk.

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