Haystack LIVE! Tantivy, the Rust search-engine library

We’re continuing our series on lesser-known open source search engines with a talk on Tantivy: let’s take a deep dive into Tantivy’s internals! The talk will dig deeply into the data structures powering Tantivy. Tantivy being strongly inspired by Lucene, a lot of the concepts introduced should be familiar to Haystack’s Lucene-savvy audience.

Paul Masurel is the CEO of Quickwit, Inc, a big data search engine company built upon Tantivy. Prior to that he accumulated 10 years of experience working with search technologies, most recently at Google and Indeed. He is also the maintainer of Tantivy, the Rust search library at the core of Quickwit.

Hosted by Charlie Hull of OSC with an associated Q&A session with our speaker.

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