MICES 2024 – User behavior insights

Stavros Macrakis (OpenSearch at AWS) & Charlie Hull of OSC will speak at MICES 2024 in Berlin about an exciting new collaboration, developing a method for recording user interactions with search results.

Every e-commerce search professional needs data about users’ behavior. Data is fundamental for analyzing user behavior and improving search relevance, both with manual tuning and with machine learning. The User Behavior Insights system provides a standard way to do that. Until now, collecting fine-grained user behavior data has been haphazard. Many search developers have developed their own ad hoc data collection systems and analysis tools. Proprietary systems collect data but mostly track page-to-page flow, and not granular data on the flow of search results through the system, mostly sharing aggregations with their customers. And open-source systems generally don’t offer data collection mechanisms. Our open-source User Behavior Insights (UBI) system provides a client-side library for instrumenting web pages, server-side tools for collecting data, and analytical tools for understanding it. Critically, it defines a standard schema for behavior data so that the community can contribute additional analytical tools. We will share a call to action to the e-commerce search community on the need to make it simpler to seamlessly track, the steps of a user’s search journey in an ethical and safe manner in order to build the experiences of the future.

Stavros is passionate about search relevance. At AWS, Google, GLG, FAST, and Lycos, he has worked with a wide variety of organizations and applications, and is frequently astounded at how even large, sophisticated organizations fail to collect the data needed to evaluate and tune their search systems.

Charlie Hull is the Marketing Director at OSC and also leads client projects. He keeps a strategic view on developments in the search industry and is in demand as a speaker at conferences across the world.

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