We are very excited to announce MICES 2022, sponsored by OpenSource Connections. René Kriegler writes:

When we started MICES in Berlin in 2017, e-commerce search used to receive little attention. It was less established than search in other domains, such as enterprise search or general web search.

On the other hand, it has always been a very exciting domain with a lot of challenges. That’s why we started MICES as an informal one-day event to bring together experts of different backgrounds – such as IT, product managers, UX designers, search managers, information retrieval specialists, data scientists, search engine vendors – to discuss challenges, ideas, best practices, and case studies in the e-commerce search domain.

Much has changed since 2017 and e-commerce search has gained a lot of momentum. Along this development MICES has become as THE European community event for e-commerce search. It is the event where practicioners share and discuss their insights in this fascinating and rapidly developing domain. It uses a mix of formats – from talks to barcamp – and welcomes participants from all levels of work experience in e-commerce search.”

The events are free to attend but places are limited.

Call for talks

Suggest a topic you want to give a talk on

MICES would like to invite you to share your case study, insights, ideas, or research related to e-commerce search with other participants. You may submit a proposal for a talk as part of the scheduled sessions, which take place in the morning and in the early afternoon. As the number of scheduled talks is limited, you might also consider pitching your topic during the Open Space (Barcamp) sessions which take place in the afternoon.

We especially welcome women working in e-commerce search to propose a talk.

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