Pragmatic AI-powered Search Solutions at the British Computer Society

Join Charlie Hull of OSC at Search Solutions, run by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the British Computer Society at their headquarters in London.

Search Solutions 2023 is a day of tutorials followed by a day of talks on various aspects of search & information retrieval. Charlie will talk on November 22nd about “Pragmatic AI-powered Search – Keeping it Simple, not Stupid”, discussing how AI is revolutionizing the world of search, how to take advantage of these new techniques and why effective measurement is key to implementing AI-powered search to solve real business problems.

Other speakers on November 22nd include Professor Julie Weeds,  Professor in Artificial Intelligence, University of Sussex, Hong Zhou of Wiley Scientific and Dr. Paul Cleverley, an expert in applying search techniques in geoscience. Read the full programme here – tickets are on sale for £110 for non-members, £80 for students.

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