Retrieve, Augment, Generate then Measure – How to Build Open Source AI

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) promises to address one of the biggest problems with Generative AI – hallucination, where a language model can create plausible, but untruthful content. Grounding AI using information retrieved from a search engine allows you to control the source information used to generate an answer – vital when your users and your business both depend on accurate and timely information.

This talk will describe the rapidly evolving landscape of open source AI and show how open source search engines and open source relevance measurement tools can be used to verify both the retrieved information and the eventual answer, using proven techniques from the world of information retrieval. Charlie will show how to use practical and pragmatic methods to create, measure and tune powerful and accurate search & AI solutions.

Presented at State of Open Con 2024 – the UK’s premier event on all things Open, hosted by the non-profit OpenUK.

In Person tickets cost £199 (inc. VAT) for 2 day event at The Brewery, London 6-7 Feb, 2024. Digital attendance is free.

Charlie Hull at State of Open Con 2024

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