Understanding Vespa with a Lucene mindset – Berlin Buzzwords

Vespa is no more a ‘new kid on the block’ in the domain of search and big data. Everyone is wooed over reading about its capabilities in search, recommendation, and machine-learned aspects augmenting search especially for large data-sets. With so many great features to offer and so less documentation to how to get started on Vespa , we want to take an opportunity to introduce it to the lucene based search users.

We will cover Vespa architecture, getting started, leveraging advance features, important aspects for someone with a fresh or Lucene based search engines mindset.

Presented by Atita Arora of OSC. Note that Berlin Buzzwords this year is a hybrid event happening both in-person and online.

This year OpenSource Connections are sponsoring the Search track at Berlin Buzzwords – come and meet us!

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