Haystack US 2024 Call for Papers is now closed.

Haystack US 2024 will be held during the week of 22nd April in Charlottesville, Virginia. We expect the main conference days to be Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th April.

At Haystack we want to hear from practitioners from around the world working on hard search & AI problems. We want to hear and share what’s working and not working – the real-life war stories of theory encountering practice. What did that paper actually say, and how did you implement it in your search stack? Was the silver bullet for your team some kind of taxonomy? Or intent classification? Or perhaps vector search, RAG or Learning to Rank? A/B testing for search? Generating search quality data from user events? Your audience will generally be search professionals, developers, search product owners, AI and relevance engineers.

This year we’ll be running two separate tracks of talks and you can let us know below the track that best fits your submission (we’re aware some talks may fit in both tracks):

  1. Search Relevance – how to measure & tune search quality, manage a search product, boosting, lexical search…
  2. AI-powered search – vector search, embeddings, LLMs, Retrieval Augmented Generation…

All speakers who are accepted will receive a 50% discount on the conference ticket either by discount code or via a refund (we don’t take any sponsorship for the event and try very hard to keep ticket prices as low as possible, plus we know some speakers pay for their ticket in advance in full anyway, so we feel this is an acceptable compromise. If you disagree please let us know).

This Call for Papers closed on 16th February 2024.

Submissions will be reviewed by multiple reviewers. Reviewing will be on a blind basis with identifying information removed, by a volunteer group drawn from the search relevance community. The top rated submissions will then be used to create the Haystack conference programme. If you have any questions please contact David Fisher.