Our Experts

Bertrand Rigaldies

Data Architect & Search Engineer
  • Full-Stack Java Application Development
  • Data Warehouse and Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Solr

Bertrand has three decades of experience in leading people and projects in the conception, architecture, design, development, and support of innovative software solutions in various industries and application domains. As a life-long software developer, Bertrand has built a variety of cool systems and applications such as a Neural Network-based Optical Recognition System (ORC) and Voice Recognition System-based telephone interview system in the 90’s, IP telephony and unified email+voice messaging systems in the 2000’s, and large data submission, processing, warehousing, reporting, and analytics systems in the 2010’s.

As an experienced data architect, application developer, and search engineer (his latest passion), Bertrand can engineer a solution which meets your information retrieval goals.