Ruby on windows (textmate clone and IDEs)

Scott StultsJuly 26, 2007

I’ve been plowing through a lot of ruby editors for doing rails development on a windows box. I know some would say it is a lost cause. However, I do tend to do a lot of .Net development. Despite the fact i spent like 4 years in a mac lab in college, and you can run things like parallels on a mac, you always run into those extreme cases during development that can cripple your development process and spend hours, or even days to fix the issue. Sometimes you can find that you have a road block that you can’t get past due to the operating system and interoperability. So rather than burning hours ( a precious resource ) fixing these special case problems, it would be best to stick with what works for now.

Well I’ve tried Ruby In Steel, which was not half bad, but it crippled any Intellisense in the .rhtml files and it just seemed to make visual studio somewhat clunky and it didn’t provide as much Intellisense as you would expect from visual studio. As far as an IDE goes, I’d have to say the Komodo IDE has the edge right now, as it also provides working with the prototype library as well as rails. There is also a Komodo Editor that has less features, but is a free download.

However for those people looking for text mate on windows, I ran across the text mate blog that pointed out E-TextEditor. This editor makes use of existing text mates bundles. Now, it would be nice if you could use ctrl+space instead of tab and if the HTML bundle would have better designed snippets. But after some major tweaking of the colors and some of the bundles, its not a bad editor and will probably replace my use of notepad++, which makes use of scintilla.

Sooner or later, I should make an attempt to export the color settings for both Komodo and E-TextEditor and post them, since decent color settings for a black background are hard to create.

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