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We wrote the book on search. 

Good search understands a user’s intent, not just what they type. While at OSC, Doug Turnbull wrote the book on search, Relevant Search, to help teams build smarter Elasticsearch and Solr applications. Our co-founder Eric Pugh helped write the very first book on Solr and our team contribute to the annual Search Insights reports from the Search Network.

“One of the best and most engaging technical books I’ve ever read.”

Trey Grainger

“Will help you solve real-world search relevance problems for Lucene-based search engines.”

Dimitrios Kouizes-Loukas

Our Publications

Relevant Search Cover

Relevant Search

Learn the secrets of building intuitive, targeted search with examples for Elasticsearch & Solr

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A Guide to Better Ecommerce Site Search

A free guide to better ecommerce site search with a checklist, common causes and simple solutions

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Search Insights 2021

Search Insights 2021

A free collection of essays on topics including autocomplete, ecommerce search, information quality and the data driven search team

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Search Insights 2020

A free collection of essays on topics including natural language search, query log analysis and relevance skills.

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Search Insights 2019

A free collection of essays on topics including relevance engineering, search team skills and enterprise search.

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Search Insights 2018

A free collection of essays on topics including open source search, relevance and budgeting search projects.

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searching the enterprise

Searching the Enterprise

We co-authored a discussion of enterprise search with a large list of references. Download the free PDF.

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Solr Enterprise Server

We co-wrote the first book on Solr. Now in its third edition.

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Pioneers in machine learning. 

We built Elasticsearch Learning to Rank, which powers search at Yelp, Wikipedia, Snag and others. 

Since deploying learning to rank, we’ve seen a net 32% increase in conversion metrics across our historically lowest performing use-cases.

Jason Kowalewski,
Sr Director of Engineering at Snag

We built the tools. 

We also built Quepid, a search testing platform that takes the guesswork out of search relevancy. 

“Do not attempt a search project without it.”

John Bickerstaff

We support the community. 

We run Haystack, the Search Relevance conference. We sponsor MICES, the E-Commerce Search conference. We host and speak at Meetups on search & relevance.

We host a Slack Channel where practitioners support each other and share solutions and we are part of The Search Network, a group of independent search professionals that publishes regular reports on search topics.

We host a video library about search.

Our Youtube channel features speakers from Haystack and the Search Meetups we run, plus videos of our talks at other events across the world.

Own Your Search

Through our Proven Process, we assess your systems and performance, recommend improvements based on your search and business goals, and consult with and train your team. When search is critical to your organization, it’s our mission to make sure you own your search.